Appraisal Information

  • Appraisal from a state-certified appraiser dated within the past year.
  • Approved by Robert G. Miller and Associates LLC

Credit Criteria

  • Loan to value maximum of 65%
  • Customer should have a proforma Debt/Asset ratio of 50% or better.
  • Collateral for farms and ranches should be able to generate sufficient cash flow to service the mortgage.
  • Customer should have at least a 25% margin above all debt service and family living expenses.

Required Financial Information

  • Brief description of property.
  • Narrative of farming operations.
  • Current financial statement and the three most recent annual financial statements.
  • Signed tax returns from the last four years.
  • Machinery & equipment list.
  • Production history.
  • Income & expense projections for the next year.
  • Complete creditor list.
  • A completed and signed application.

We Provide Agricultural and Farm Loans

We service agricultural clients nationwide but are most active in the 11 western states of CA, OR, WA, ID, NV, MT, WY, UT, CO, AZ and NM. Our agricultural and farm loan services and resources are also available for international clients.